we identify, support, and scale innovative educational and leadership initiatives in Latin America

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{reprograma} is a social impact initiative whose mission is to reduce racial and gender inequality in technology to promote diversity through education.

Centro Lemann

It is an organization whose mission is to promote learning with equity in basic education.

Ensina Brasil

Ensina Brasil recruits, selects and develops talented young people to become public school teachers.

Fundação Estudar

Fundação Estudar selects the most talented young people in Brazil through its Scholarship Program and gives them the opportunity to study at the best universities in Brazil and around the world.


Insper's mission is to promote the transformation of Brazil through the training of innovative leaders.


LALA aims to develop a new and diverse generation of leaders to become the future servants of Latin America.


Legisla Brasil aims to professionalize the legislative branch in order to transform the way politics is done in this country.


Letrus is an artificial intelligence-based literacy program focused on eradicating the literacy gap for K-12 students.


MegaEdu works with the objective of bringing quality Internet to all schools.

Nova Escola

Nova Escola works to empower teachers in Brazilian public schools and is the most visited digital platform for educators in the country.

Parceiros da Educação

Parceiros da Educação is an OSCIP that promotes the improvement of Brazilian public education.


RenovaBR is the largest incubator of political leadership in Brazil and a world reference.

Tether Education

TetherEd is a data-powered platform that helps families across Latin America find and connect to schools.


Vetor Brasil believes that the answers to Brazil's main challenges need to involve governments.