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Welcome to the platform FVR Ltd, domiciled in the Cayman Islands with registration number 378038 (hereinafter VélezReyes+), a space where you can learn about us and the beneficiary organizations of our charitable plans and projects.

For us, it is essential that you take into account that, by browsing the website or registering into it, you are accepting these Terms of Use, which are mandatory and regulate access to and use of the website velezreyesmas.com; if you do not accept them, you must refrain from using our website and the services we offer through it.


By using the website www.velezreyesmas.com you agree to comply with and be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, likewise, it shall be understood as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions i) clicking on the box "Register me; ii) clicking on the box "I accept Terms and Conditions"; and iii) in general, any action aimed at using the services or accessing the benefits offered by VélezReyes+ as a user, employee, beneficiary organization, supplier, among others, therefore, we ask you to read them carefully.


It is important to bear in mind that these Terms of Use do not apply to any third-party site that can be accessed from the VélezReyes+ website; in those cases, access and use of the platform will be governed by the Terms of Use published by the third party, who will be solely responsible to the User for any complaint, claim or legal action brought for reasons arising from the use and access to its website; therefore, we recommend knowing and accepting said policy before supplying Personal Data.


VélezReyes+ reserves the right to change the Terms of Use, the contents of velezreyesmas.com, services, and other information included therein.

This document will be reviewed and updated (where applicable) at least once a year unless significant changes occur that require more frequent updating.

VélezReyes+ will notify the changes to these Terms of Use through its website, and, as of the new validity, an updated date will be indicated at the bottom of the Terms of Use, which will be binding and effective automatically from their publication.

If the User makes use of the services or benefits offered by VélezReyes+ after said modifications, we will understand that they have known and accepted the new conditions.


The website velezreyesmas.com, its services, content and related information are intended for natural persons and legal entities, with full legal capacity to contract obligations on their own behalf or on behalf of the natural or legal entity they represent.

In the event that the person wishing to access the services or products of VélezReyes+ is a minor or a person with legal incapacity to act on his or her own behalf, he or she will have to act through his or her legal representative(s) or guardian(s).

By accessing velezreyesmas.com, you represent and warrant that (i) you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, (ii) that you are legally entitled to enter into obligations on your own behalf or on behalf of the natural or legal person you represent.


The user may communicate with VélezReyes+ through any of the following available channels:
Email: contacto@velezreyesmas.com
Link: velezreyesmas.com


All communication between VélezReyes+ and the User must be in writing, with the parties agreeing that the electronic data exchange will also be a valid means of communication between them. Any communication will be considered delivered and received: (i) if it is delivered personally to its recipient at the time of receipt; (ii) if sent by physical mail, on the date of delivery to their return address; (iii) if sent by email, at the time of dispatch of said communication, provided that electronic or other confirmation of receipt of dispatch has been received.


Through the website velezreyesmas.com we want to get closer to users by making available updated information about VelezReyes+, our activities, projects, employees, beneficiary organizations, partners, among other information of interest to the target audience of the content.
Accordingly, through the website and/or platforms of VelezReyes+, users may, among others:

  1. Learn about the projects that VélezReyes+ is supporting, for which we will share the most relevant information on the financed project or organization, and the link of each beneficiary organization and its social networks will be enabled, along with photographs and other information that may be useful to the User.
  2. Access the photos of the employees who work at VélezReyes+, as well as their LinkedIn profile and their role within VélezReyes+.
  3. Non-profit organizations that wish to partner with VélezReyes+ may leave their information through this means. This information may include contact information, financial reports, information about their programs, goals, objectives, and more.
  4. Natural persons interested in working with VélezReyes+ may send their data through this means. This information may include personal and professional data, and references, among others.
  5. Access "blogs" written by employees explaining why we choose to support the organizations we support and/or testimonials from third parties.
  6.  Access the plans, projects or programs that VélezReyes+ has in force, including the possibility of subscribing to them.


It's important to consider that VélezReyes+ will not be responsible for the veracity or content of the information provided by users publicly or privately through the website or means of communication with VélezReyes+; VélezReyes+ carries out a due diligence process regarding the information provided by users to guarantee that the User meets all the formal requirements to access the services or benefits offered by VélezReyes+, beyond the above, it will not be the responsibility of VélezReyes+


Through the different means enabled by VélezReyes+ on its website, depending on the subject in question and the reason why the User wishes to interact with VélezReyes+, users will be asked for personal data, professional, financial/corporate information, and/or commercial, which will be essential to obtain for VélezReyes+ to be able to fulfill its purpose.

Users must only provide true, complete, and verifiable information, their own or that of third parties that have granted authorization to share it with VélezReyes+ for said purposes.

VelezReyes+ may make use of all the information provided by the user in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Data Processing Policy published in velezreyesmas.com.


For VélezReyes+, it is essential that its users adhere to the best practices, have ethical behavior, and, in any case, allow the adequate and timely development of the relationships that arise from the use of the VélezReyes+ website and platforms.

VélezReyes+ enables different means on its website through which the User can provide information or interact with it, or with third parties, depending on the matter of interest; For this, the User is responsible for providing complete, true, clear, verifiable, and respectful information, refraining from disclosing information for which its use or exploitation is not authorized or information that may go against morality and good customs.

VélezReyes+ will not be responsible for the interactions of users or their content, which will be used publicly or privately at the sole risk of the User who discloses them.

Therefore, users accept and acknowledge that all interactions they carry out on the VélezReyes+ website and platforms are done voluntarily and that, if they disclose information publicly, VélezReyes+ and/or third parties do not control or are responsible for the use of said information by others.

If the User voluntarily and publicly discloses, provides, or makes available to VélezReyes+ information:

  1. Authorizes VélezReyes+, at its discretion, to keep said information indefinitely and use it to fulfill its purpose.
  2. Acknowledges and agrees that VélezReyes+ has no obligation to allow them to publish information that they consider to be against the policies of VélezReyes+, morals, good customs, and appropriate behavior within its website or platforms and that, at its sole discretion, VélezReyes+ can edit, block or reject the publication or delete any information at any time.
  3. Guarantees that they have sufficient authorizations to disclose the information and acknowledge, accept and authorize according to this section.
  4. Acknowledges that, unless there is a prior and express agreement between VélezReyes+ and the user, no commissions are recognized, no payments are made, and no balances are caused in favor of the users for suggesting activities or projects, contributing ideas, making arrangements and, in general, having their own initiatives without the prior and express contracting of VélezReyes+, even when they benefit or may benefit VélezReyes+ or third parties related to it.


Likewise, to fulfill its purpose, through its website and platforms, VélezReyes+ will make its own and third-party information and content available to users previously authorized by them.

Said information and contents are the exclusive property of VélezReyes+, its licensors, or third parties who have authorized their use; therefore, users may only access and use them for the purposes for which they have been disclosed by VélezReyes+, respectively, which excludes the possibility of making commercial use, use for the exclusive benefit of the User, fraudulent use, or improper use of them.

By the preceding, the information and content published by VélezReyes+ may not be copied, marketed, distributed, modified, published, transferred, and generally used for purposes other than the purpose of VélezReyes+, without the prior and express authorization of VélezReyes+ or its owner.

In the event that VélezReyes+ identifies by any user any improper use of such information and contents or any unauthorized access by any user, at its sole discretion, without prejudice to any legal action it may initiate, it may immediately suspend or terminate the user's access to the website, information, contents or registered account, depending on the case in question.

VélezReyes+ reserves the right to monitor user behavior during access to the website and to exercise its rights as owner of the website and its platforms.


The users declare and guarantee that:

  1. They will provide real, truthful, true, and updated information.
  2. They will not use the VélezReyes+ website or platforms if they are under 18 years of age or do not have the legal authority to act on behalf of the company.
  3. They will protect their password and prevent sharing it with unauthorized third parties to access the account.
  4. hey will not infringe the intellectual property rights of VélezReyes+ or third parties.
  5. They will not make unauthorized, unethical, or inappropriate use of the VélezReyes+ platform.
  6. They will use the platform, its services, and its benefits per these Terms of Use.
  7. They will act according to the best practices in the contractual and non-contractual relationships they establish when using the VélezReyes+ platform.


We declare as a principle of VélezReyes+ to abide by ethical corporate conduct, which is why we enable complaint or contact mechanisms to report any behavior that they consider not in line with ethics, which will be evaluated by VélezReyes+ and, if deemed against our principle rector, may be cause for cancellation or suspension of the account of the User who has incurred in such conduct, without the right to receive any compensation for taking such action.


VélezReyes+ is not responsible for the information, content, or interactions of users, nor will it be liable to the User or third parties for damages, injuries, actions, or claims arising from acts or omissions not attributable to VélezReyes+.

By the preceding, users assume under their responsibility the risk of interacting with each other or with third parties, by the information made available through VélezReyes+, which has been previously provided by users or is from the property of third parties, guaranteeing that it is accurate, true and up-to-date information and guaranteeing to keep VélezReyes+ harmless against any claim, demand or legal action derived or arising from it.

Neither VélezReyes+, nor any of the parties involved in the creation, production, or execution of the website velezreyesmas.com, the services and benefits offered through it, will be responsible for the damages that result for reasons attributable exclusively to users or third parties in accordance with what is contemplated in these Terms of Use.

Likewise, if someone files a complaint, claim, or legal action against VélezReyes+ related to actions, content, or information of any user or third parties, that person will be solely and exclusively responsible; therefore, users and third parties will hold VélezReyes+ harmless and will indemnify it for all damages, losses, and expenses of any nature, including legal expenses and professional attorneys' fees, related to said claim.

However, in the event of a claim from a user due to actions or omissions of another user or a third party, VélezReyes+ will take the steps within its power to facilitate the solution to the disagreement of the User who filed the complaint with the User or third party, that motivated it, without this implying any assumption of responsibility on the part of VélezReyes+.


VélezReyes+ makes available to users the website velezreyesmas.com and its platforms, which allow them to have access to information, contents and knowledge of their own or of third parties and to services offered by VélezReyes+.

Access to the website, access to the information and contents of VélezReyes+ or third parties and the user's interactions with it, by themselves, do not create a link, partnership contract, franchise, or employment relationship between VélezReyes+ and the user.


For VélezReyes+, it is essential to know and respect intellectual property rights; therefore, it declares and guarantees that:

  1. It uses and protects all intangible assets in accordance with current intellectual property regulations.
  2. The content of the website velezreyesmas.com published by VélezReyes+, the works, signs, and in general the creations contained therein and disclosed by VélezReyes+, are protected by intellectual property rights of VélezReyes+ or of third parties that have granted authorization to VélezReyes+ to use and disclose them; therefore, no third party may, without the prior and express permission of VélezReyes+, reproduce, communicate to the public, transform, copy, modify and in general give any unauthorized use to them.
  3. It promotes on its website and platforms deep respect for the intellectual property rights of third parties, which is why the violation of third party intellectual property rights, declared by judicial decision, will be a cause for suspension or cancellation of the user account or from a competent authority, without the right for the account holder to receive any compensation or compensation for such measure.


For their part, users declare and guarantee that:

  1. Trademarks, designs, works, and, in general, intangible assets made available, supplied, or exploded through the website or platforms of VélezReyes+ are its property, being the User the owner of the intellectual property rights necessary to use and dispose of them without infringing the rights of third parties.
  2. They will not claim any ownership over the intangible assets owned by VélezReyes+ or those made available by third parties to the User for access to the services or benefits offered by VélezReyes+ through its website or platforms; in that sense, they will refrain from using them for their benefit or that of third parties for purposes other than those expressly authorized by these Terms of Use.
  3. In the event that the User is interested in publishing information, content, or intangible assets of VélezReyes+ or third parties disclosed by VélezReyes+ through their social networks or website, they must request authorization from VélezReyes+ by mail addressed to contacto@velezreyesmas.com, in which they must inform the means by which the information will be published and what information you want to publish.


VélezReyes+ will give an answer indicating whether or not they authorize said publication and if so, will share the authorization contract proposal with the necessary indications for the proper use and the conditions to be taken into account to carry out said publication.

Without the express authorization of VélezReyes+, the User will not be able to make said publication and, if obtained, must comply with everything indicated by VélezReyes+ for it; Likewise, VélezReyes+ reserves the right to revoke the authorization at any time, which case, it will give written notice to the User with the request to eliminate the publication and cease the use of the information, content or intangible assets of VélezReyes+ in the terms before authorized.

Any third party with whom VélezReyes+ has agreed to create, update or edit content provided by the third party to share through the means enabled by VélezReyes+ declares and guarantees that:

  1. The contents made available to VélezReyes+ are original and have been created without infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  2. It owns the rights or has the necessary authorizations to i) share the content with VélezReyes+; ii) grant the corresponding authorizations for use so that VélezReyes+ can dispose of said content without infringing the rights of third parties.
  3. Authorizes VélezReyes+ to carry out the aesthetic edition of the content supplied by it, aiming that all the content published by VélezReyes+ maintain an identity.
  4. Authorizes VélezReyes+ to reproduce, publicly communicate, dispose of, and in general make use of the content by the different means enabled by VélezReyes+, among which are the website, platforms, and social networks, among others; Said authorization is granted free of charge and without limits in the territory or the means or form of exploitation and for the maximum time allowed by law for it.
  5. It acknowledges and accepts that VélezReyes+ will publish these contents giving the corresponding credits to the third party and without receiving any economic consideration from the public that will access the contents.
  6. Declares and accepts that the third party may not use the contents published by VélezReyes+ for its own benefit or that of third parties without the prior and express authorization of VélezReyes+.


It is a priority for VélezReyes+ to take all reasonable and necessary measures to protect the privacy of users' information, therefore, we ask you to read in detail our Personal Data Treatment Policy available for public access at velezreyesmas.com in order to know what information VélezReyes+ requests and what treatment and protection it provides to users' Personal Data.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user AUTHORIZES VélezReyes+ to process the Personal Data provided, in order to fulfill the purpose for which they were provided and, in general, in accordance with the scope and other conditions. established in the aforementioned Personal Data Processing Policy.

The aforementioned Policy contains the rights of the owners of personal data, the mechanisms and procedures through which they can be exercised and the express mention of the processing of sensitive data, which will be provided by the user voluntarily, being protected by law to refrain from supplying them if they so wish.

This Data Processing Policy shall be governed by the applicable Cayman Islands personal data regulations, specifically The Data Protection Act (DPA).


The user authorizes VélezReyes+ to, directly or through the third party designated by the user, capture, reproduce and publicly communicate their Image in any audiovisual medium, printed and electronic editions, digital, optical and on the Internet, strictly for the creation and dissemination of contents, communications and technical, corporate or promotional material, internal or external, of VélezReyes+ as long as it is used respecting morality, good customs and your good name as the owner of the Image.

This authorization includes, but is not limited to: (a) permission to film, photograph and record your voice; (b) permission to use your name; and (c) permission to use, with or without profit, said video recordings, photographs and voice recordings, in whole or in part, by analog or digital means and without limit in time, territory or medium diffusion.

The authorization granted here is free, indefinite and does not require prior approval from the user regarding the quality of the content that includes their Image.

The user guarantees that they are not bound by any exclusivity contract related to the use of their image, name and/or voice and that they have not acquired any prior obligation that prevents them from granting this authorization.

The user declares that he is aware of the rights that assist him as the owner of the personal data that he is authorized to process by virtue of this document, which he may freely exercise and that he understands that VélezReyes+ will process them in accordance with the purposes contemplated here. and adjusted to current regulations.

The user declares that they know and accept that including their Image in the content created by VélezReyes+ does not give them any right to reproduce, communicate, distribute, market and, in general, use said content, without the prior and express authorization of VélezReyes+ owner of all economic copyright rights over said creations and over the brands and other distinctive signs included in said contents.


The web page and platforms of VélezReyes+ may use cookies, which are small fragments of text stored on the users' computer or device when they access a website, own or third parties, which allow websites to remember information about the User's visit, which can make it easier to revisit the sites and make them more valuable to the User.

VélezReyes+ may use cookies for the following purposes: (1) allow the user to use the Sites without re-entering their username and password; (2) understand how they interact with the Sites and improve or personalize their experience, including across devices; (3) monitor the use of the site; (4) administer the sites; and (5) improve the Sites and Services, including providing the User with interest-based advertisements.

The User can delete and block all cookies, but part of the site will not work, or the quality of the web page may be affected.

If you have any questions about the use of cookies, you can contact us at contacto@velezreyesmas.com.


The User declares and guarantees that their income does not come from illicit activities and that they do not present negative records in national or international money laundering prevention lists, or financing of terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal fundraising, and in general, any illicit activity; Likewise, it states that the income generated during the validity of these Terms of Use will not be used for any of the activities described above.

Consequently, it will be a just cause to terminate the relationship between VélezReyes+ and the User and cancel the User's account, the inclusion of the User, his associates, or his representatives in the lists of the OFAC, or of any local authority or foreigner, as suspected of incurring in any of said activities.

The User expressly and irrevocably authorizes VélezReyes+ (directly or through a third party) to (i) consult the listings, information systems, and databases that may be applicable; ii) make the reports to the competent authorities in matters of money laundering and financing of terrorism, which it deems necessary to guarantee the prevention and/or management of the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism; (iii) consult, request, supply, report, process and disclose all the information that refers to my credit, financial and commercial behavior to the competent authorities in the matter.

Likewise, the User undertakes to immediately inform VélezReyes+ once he becomes aware of the fact that when his associates, administrators, clients, suppliers, employees, and in general people with whom the User has a relationship and their resources are related or come from illicit activities, particularly those mentioned above.


These Terms of Use will be governed by the regulations applicable in the Cayman Islands, and any decision will be submitted to the competent Courts of the territory of the Cayman Islands.

Taking into account that VélezReyes+ is domiciled in George Town, Cayman Islands, in principle, the use and access to the VélezReyes+ website, its services, and benefits, and other activities announced and executed by VélezReyes+ will be subject to the regulations in force in the said territory; however, if users access the VélezReyes+ website or platforms from territories outside the Cayman Islands, it is important to bear in mind that their information will be processed, stored and, in general, treated on servers located in the Cayman Islands.

For VélezReyes+, the protection and care of the information and personal data of users is very important; therefore, its Policies for the Treatment of Personal Data are robust and designed to guarantee the rights of the owners; In the event that when processing the personal data of a user located outside the Cayman Islands, an even more rigorous regulation than the Policies established by VélezReyes+ applies to said treatment, it will be willing to adjust to it in order to guarantee the rights inherent to the owner, in accordance with the regulations applicable in the particular case.

By accessing the VélezReyes+ website or platforms outside of the Cayman Islands, users (i) consent to the transfer, storage, and processing of their information to and in the Cayman Islands; (b) agree to comply with all local laws, rules, and regulations, including all laws, rules, and regulations in force in the country in which they reside and the country from which they access the information, content, services, and benefits of VélezReyes+.


In case of differences between the parties related to these Terms of Use, their execution or termination, which cannot be resolved directly by them, will be submitted to the ordinary jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands in accordance with the regulations applicable to the matter.


The website, VélezReyes+ platforms, and all the Terms of Use associated with it will be in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, prevailing between the three and any interpretation thereof, those in Spanish.


These terms and conditions are effective as of their publication.

Last updated November 2, 2023